Our Review of the YVR SkyTeam Lounge

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YVR Skyteam Lounge
Priority Pass has been one of the very best perks that I have added to my travel experience this year. This is a membership service I got for free with my AMEX Platinum card, and it includes a collection of 1000+ lounges around the world.  

I travel quite a lot, for business too. Taking a shower after a long work day and before the flight has been an invigorating experience for me. Being able to access those lounges have kept me comfortable and relaxed through my airport races.

Ever since I got the access to this lounge collection, I have been wondering what it is inside the lounges listed on their app. Some of them are “premium,” some of them are quite basic, but still it’s nice to know where you are headed, to have full control over your trip.

Lounge Walk-through

My last trip to Tokyo had a layover in Vancouver, one of my favorite cities. The airport is in Richmond, BC and there is a lot to do there, like having some Chinese dim sum mmmm. I know the in and outs and could have gone anywhere fast, but this morning I had another quest- finding out what is the Skyteam Lounge all about.

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First, the Skyteam lounge is a premium lounge dedicated to the members of the Skyteam alliance- Aeroflot, AeroMexico, AirFrance, AlItalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Czech Airlinnes, Delta, Garuda Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, MEA, Saudi, Tarom, Vietnam Airlines, XiamenAir. 

YVR SkyTeam Lounge
To my surprise, on my Amex app, it showed as one of the choices I can access with my pass. I read somewhere on the web that this lounge is particularly new, so I was excited that I am going to be entitled to access.
The lounge is located in the International terminal, after security check and all the Duty- free shopping close to Gate 53. It  Only a welcome desk is nestled in a tiny corner and a walkway to the elevator which takes you to the next floor up (L4). The staff at the desk was amiable, letting me know about how to get up and what I can find there, also let me know that although there is no lounge specific WI-Fi network, I can use the free YVR airport WI-FI or the desktop computers at the business desks.

Lounge Features/ Amenities

  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Premium Food
  • Showers
  • Non- Smoking
  • Snacks
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Telephones
  • TVs
  • Flight Monitors
  • Internet Terminals
If you have been at YVR (Vancouver Airport), you know that it is a beautiful airport, but If you haven’t you might be pleasantly surprised. The lounge sits “in the air” with an open-air concept. It feels incredibly spacious, very bright and quite “zen.” I loved it from the moment I walked in.
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Open Space
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Open Space

Business Center

A curvy maze of divider walls guides you through the YVR Skyteam Lounge floor plan. Upon walking in on the right side, there is the little business center with a desktop computer, printer and cable internet connection. The place is circular and gives it a somewhat secluded feeling, helping you concentrate on your business matters. I was able to finish a blog post in 2h, it was very calm.

Available for your convenience

  • Desktop Computer
  • Printer
  • High- Speed Internet

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Right after the business center on the right, you will notice the wine bar. Okay, the bar in The Centurion Lounge in SeaTac airport is pretty amazing, and all their cocktails are fabulous, but this wine bar is state of the art for a lounge at a medium-size airport. It features a circular bar and a wine cooler wall with wine dispensers.
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Wine Bar
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Wine Bar

Rest Areas

Moving on, on the right you will see a section with sofa like armchairs with small side tables. What you don’t notice right away is tucked in the right very back right corner of the lounge. Two flat lay beds for maximum relax are hidden there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap a picture for you guys because a couple was taking a nap there. But definitely try it out!

Multiple big TV screens spread around the lounge show you news like CNN. There are also dedicated screen displaying flight information as well.

YVR SkyTeam Lounge Rest Areas
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Rest Areas

Snacking Area

The long corridor takes you to the central “snacking” area and kitchen. Yes, kitchen! This place is the main highlight of the lounge. It is the brightest part of the lounge, and I’m sure it has been very well designed with this in mind.

Food & Drinks

YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area

I got there at around 9:45 am, and they were still serving some breakfast items like Chinese congee which was actually very delicious. Some ham and cheese croissants, nuts, selection of tea, juice and soft drinks. There is 2 large state of the art coffee machines that can serve everything from espresso to Lattes, Cappuccinos and more. It is not enough to satisfy the cravings of a coffee snob, but actually pretty good for a lounge.

YVR SkyTeam Lounge Coffee Machine
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area

What was really impressive is how the lounge got full all of a sudden at the 11 am brunch serving. Do you like Chinese food? You will be impressed.

YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area
They had pork and vegetable dumplings made in the house !!! Also, noodle and wontons soup that was very good. They also had a selection of smoked fish and cheeses. It was delicious. Have a sweet tooth? That will be taken care of too! Two types of brownies, 3 types of cupcakes, fruit selection and this is just to name a few of the desserts that were served.
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Snacking Area


Probably the most valued feature for me in a lounge is the convenience of a shower and the YVR Skyteam lounge provided it. For me, staying fresh means awake and feeling good to keep on working, especially if I’m trying to stay awake to adjust to my destinations time, in this case, Tokyo.


The shower is located just behind the kitchen and the main snacking area through a walkway on the right side. In some airport lounges, you will have to notify them if you want to use the shower. In this one, you don’t. As long as it is not busy, hop in. And so I did! It was so refreshing. Of course, you get towels, shampoo and conditioner and razor. There is also a hairdryer. It was a spotless and nicely set up shower.
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Shower
YVR SkyTeam Lounge Shower


Last but not least, of course, you can enjoy stunning views of taxiing airplanes in and out of the gates. Going into the lounge I had certain expectations, but the place indeed surpassed them all by a lot. Warm food and desserts, decent coffee, Wi-fi, business center with comfortable chairs, shower and bright, spacious atmosphere- wholly satisfactory and welcoming. I had a great time, and I can’t wait to visit on the way back, hopefully in time for some dumplings or maybe a real lunch since I’m landing later in the afternoon. I will keep you updated.


Have you ever been to the lounge? Has your experience been better or worse? We would love to hear from you guys. Enjoy

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