Travel to Belgrade- Explore the capital of Serbia with Us

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Travel to Belgrade, Capital of Serbia. We are taking you on a journey to the capital of Serbia- Belgrade. We love to travel to old European cities rich in culture and beautiful vibes

Travel to Belgrade

Welcome to Belgrade

To travel to Belgrade is easy and will leave your breathless with beautiful sunsets and rich history.


The capital of Serbia is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. One that has dark a history too.


During the wars, the city was obliterated. More than 30 invasions had colored Belgrade and stained its history with blood, but the city is flourishing again with a lively artistic and cultural scene. The population mostly consists of young people which make the nightlife legendary and the great value coffee shops, bars and restaurants are so thriving you may wonder when any work gets done.

Travel to Belgrade, Explore the capital of Serbia

Where to start?

Travel to Belgrade, Explore the Capital of Serbia

First, we checked in at our Airbnb. We felt a little tired from the drive so we decided to head to a coffee shop called Cafeteria Gardos to refresh ourselves a little bit. Nap is never a good option for us. The place was super fun and the food was good too. A must try is the espresso tonic.

The barista was very friendly and gave us some tips for exploring the city. He recommended that we visit Trg Republike which is the main square and a meeting point for all youngsters.

Beogradska Tvrdava & Kalemegdan

Travel to Belgrad

If you travel to Belgrade, you cannot leave without visiting the Beogradska Tvrdava and the Kalemegdan park. Beogadska Tvrdava is an imposing fortress at the merging point of the Danube and the Sava rivers. It sits on a hill overlooking the rivers passing through the heart of the capital of Serbia.

Travel to Belgrade

Kalemegdan, a vast park, surrounding the fortress, which was built to defend the city from the Ottomans. Now the park is a home to multiple art exhibitions, museums and one of the most romantic places to view a sunset, which happens just in front of the fortress.

Travel to BelgradeThere is just something about a park situated on a hill, a mighty river and a fortress that made our travel to Belgrade an experience that was worth time and effort. And everyone is in love.

Travel to Belgrade, Explore the capital of Serbia

Stop for a moment, look around and reflect on all the horrible bloodshed at the military museum situated in the back of the park among the ruins of the fortress. 

Travel to Belgrade

Belgrade at night

Turns out that the capital of Serbia as beautiful at night time as it was in the daytime.

The municipality building was absolutely gorgeous and beautifully lit showing its all architectural glory.

And last but not least, nightlife. Since there are a lot of young people in Belgrade the nightlife is at its absolute best. Nightclubs are all over the main street and other parts of Belgrade featuring different styles of music from pop to traditional as well as jazz and rock.

The Main Street in Belgrade

Like a lot of Europen cities, there is the main pedestrian street with a lot of stores, restaurants, street art, bakeries, coffee shops and tourist centers. It is a vibrant and exciting place to be, whether you just want to grab a coffee and chat with an old friend or have a traditional Serbian dish like Chibapche, the main street is the place to be. If you travel to Belgrade you might want to show your friends, this is the best place to buy souvenirs too.

Belgrade Knez Mihailova, The Capital of Serbia

The main street of Belgrade extends from the end of Kalemegdan park to the Terazijski tunnel.

The Nicola Tesla Museum

Travel to BelgradeThis is probably the most fun museum in Belgrade.

As you probably know Nicola Tesla was Serbian- American inventor who invented the alternating current and X-rays. Thank you for that, Nicola.

His museum is interactive. You can conduct experiments with the guides including getting into a Faraday cage.

Nicola’s ashes are resting in a golden orb at the museum, the guide told us that there are constant fights whether the ashes are to remain there or moved to Saint Sava church.

Travel to Belgrad, Explore the capital of Serbia

Where to stay:

Of course, like anywhere else, the city’s main street is saturated with accommodation options. There are a lot of hostels that offer great value for money considering that they are right in the center of Belgrade. If you can snatch a deal on an Airbnb in the center like we did, that will make your trip absolutely unique.

If you haven’t signed up for Airbnb yet, do it here and take $40 off your first booking as a gift.

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Look for some other types of accomodations, mainly hotels on

Things to eat while in Belgrade

Are you a foodie? Like to explore different countries traditional food? Then you are not alone. We did exactly that. The capital of Serbia offers a wide variety of dishes, some very traditional, some that are a fusion of cuisines. There is a bite for everyone.

Top things to eat when traveling to Belgrade:

  • Gibanica – the pastry that will leave you begging for more.
  • Sarma – or commonly known as dolmas.
  • Cevap– mmmmm…. reminds me of kebab but some of them have cheese
  • Pljeskavica – this is a must try, it reminds me of beef patty but so much more flavourful

Definitely, visit Manufaktura Restaurant Belgrade, the food is fabulous and the service is great.

Getting there and around.

We found that to travel to Belgrade is not that difficult at all. You can reach the capital of Serbia very easily by land. We drove from Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Belgrade and the highways were very nice and overall an easy drive. It took us about 6 hours. There is an airport too that is very close to the city center, just some 18km. Public transport in Belgrade was good and also inexpensive. Even getting a cab was quite affordable, but just like almost any other European city walking around is the key to dipping yourself in the local culture and explore places that you could not find in any guide, just like this artisan bakery- Hleb I Kifle.

Hleb i Kifle (ref the Turkish post)

A lot like the Turkish Hafiz Mustafa we visited in Istanbul, Hleb i Kifle (bread and croissants) was an outstanding culinary experience. Make sure to visit the bakery when you travel to Belgrade for breakfast or a snack. Everything is made in-house and it’s so fresh. From macaroons to melting in your mouth croissants to a cup of bold coffee. You can even choose from about 20 different types of freshly baked bread. The Serbian brand Hleb I Kifle has it all.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Capital of Serbia – Belgrade. Are you convinced you want to visit? It might be more fun than you expect.

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