Top 3 Travel-Friendly Shoes Made for Walking the Streets

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Top 3 Travel Friendly Shoes

Top 3 Best Travel-Friendly Shoes

We are walking the streets every single day. Traveling without it is not really possible. You can’t always get where you wish with a car. Whether you are exploring a new city like New York or hike to a remote waterfall in Iceland, you need comfortable travel-friendly shoes so you can keep going strong the day after.  Here we’ll go over a few of the best travel-friendly shoes that are specifically designed for walking the streets and will take a look at what makes them great and why we would not leave for a trip without them.

Made for Walking the street



These travel-friendly shoes are good for people who don’t have collapsed arches. There’s a heel cup in the shoe that takes some getting used to, but ultimately the shoes are incredibly lightweight due to fabric and synthetic uppers, as well as mesh panels. Walking the streets of New York in them was a breeze, no heat and perspiration accumulation, keeping your feet cool and dry.

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The insoles are removable, so if you need better arch support you’re welcome to insert your own, and gel cushioning works to absorb shock. There are even reflective details, meaning that you’ll be a little safer if you like to walk at night. The Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 is also made for both genders, but not necessarily for those who need wide shoes.


If you’re looking for travel-friendly shoes that will help you stay on your feet at all day without pain, you should look no further. Asics claims that every HyperGEL™ shoe is unique and provides an enhanced cushion effect. They reduce impact and preserves energy, resulting in improved comfort and endurance as the midsole restores its form faster than comparable footwear models.

The Gel Kenzen are perfectly made for walking the streets of busy downtown and they go great with casual wear. Keep in mind that if you are hiking, maybe you need a bit better support. The sole is Asics’ signature Gel Technology, while the shoe itself is premium knit, feels like a sock. These are great shoes for people walking the streets constantly. Good fusion of style, comfort, and support.


The SKECH-AIR VARSITY are the “made for walking the streets” shoes, especially if you live in dry conditions or are walking on bright, sunny days without a chance of rain. As everyday travel-friendly shoes, the Skech-air offer innovative Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles, including a flat knit mesh fabric that works to offer a comfortable and supportive walk – essentially, they make walking easy.

The shoe is incredibly lightweight and porous, which is great for allowing moisture out but can be detrimental when it comes to moisture getting in, as it can seep in through mesh fabric uppers. In addition, the Air Varsity is not best for paved roads and walkways, as rocky terrain can be very sharp and felt through the sole. One thing that’s great about these travel-friendly shoes is that they come with a very reasonable price tag, and in a variety of colors. However, keep in mind that they do tend to run a half-size smaller, so make sure you try before you buy.

If you already have a pair of those awesome shoes, you need to put them in action. Check out some of our ideas for exploring the cities and put your new travel-friendly shoes to use.

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