The Best Travel Gear I Bought this Year (2018)

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Travel Essentials Gear 2018

Hey guys, recently we have talked a lot about Trip Planning but its time to move on and talk about another aspect of the travel experience- travel gear. 

Traveling is considered by many, even some of my friends, as an extreme “sport” that can push you to the limits of your comfort. Flying long hours over the ocean, trying to charge your electronics in a foreign country where the plug is not the same, worried about the security of your documents or simply frustrated with all the cables and chargers, sd cards and stuff you need to bring? 

We know this is the case! That’s the part of traveling no one likes.

What can we do about it?

The comfort and security of home is what we really need. Our homes feel so safe and relaxed for us because everything is just the way we want it, no surprises. But this is also the reason why we can tailor our travel experience to our needs with a little travel gear help. 

We are reviewing our favorite travel gear accessories that we bought this year and use on every one of our journeys, helping us bringing the comfort of home wherever we go.

Kicking off this review article with something as simple as a toiletry bag. Guys before you sigh with disapproval and notion that toiletry bags are for women, think about all the products you use every day. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, lip balm and face moisturizer, bug spray, we gotta put them somewhere, you know you need it.

Ladies its pretty clear, you need it! There is so much stuff you carry that scares me, but hey, don’t need to leave your favorite essentials behind. With this little organizer bag from Amazon Basics, you can take it all.

We love this bag because of its design. It is designed with traveling in mind. Small, durable, fits a lot of stuff, and the best part is you can hang it anywhere. 

My preference is to hang it on the door or the curtain  rod while taking a shower. Some of the places we travel too, the space is really limited or almost non-existent so being able to hang it really helps. Also, it is leak resistant, so even in the unlikely event that your shampoo spill, it won’t go into your favorite clothes.


If you guys are frequently traveling, I would highly recommend to hop to your local pharmacy and get travel size essentials to always keep in the bag, so the bag is still ready to go without forgetting anything and also the travel size essentials like shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste, even hairspray are TSA compliant making your toiletry bag perfect for your carry on as well as your check-in luggage. 


If you don’t want to deal with all of this, you can simply order the pre-made Convenience kit for men or women with the most important essential for both sexes. They are also TSA compliant, so you won’t need to worry about liquids regulations.

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Can you live without your phone? You won’t leave home without your camera and laptop? How about your Apple watch and an electric razor? If you are that guy or gal, I am too, you need to put an end to the cable entanglement and the “where is it” question.

The Electronics Organizer from Jelly Comb puts an end to all of your struggles from finding the cable, to your SD cards, mouses, and chargers. 

Some of the features are- SD card and USB stick storages that are easily accessible. An elastic band keeps all cables perfectly folded and very neat. On the other side, there is a perfect pocket for a computer mouse and a charger. You can even store your phone and tablet in the bag.

There is the front pocket that perfect for your power bank and cell phone if you are charging it. 

The bag is also very light, water resistant and has a handle for easy transport.

One of the most important aspects of traveling is keeping your documents safe. Without them, you might be in real trouble. And because your everyday document needs might defer a little bit from your travel ones, we looked for a solution that can keep everything neat but safe at the same time.

We found the Travelambo Rfid Blocking Passport Holder Wallet, we have been using it for the last 6 trips, and it has been of tremendous help. It is not only made with convenience in mind but with fashion too. It comes in over 20 different colors, gals I know you will love it. 

The thing that I really love, you know I’m a techie, is that there is a sheet of metal integrated into the wallet that blocks the RFID signals and your personal and banking information cannot be read. 

The wallet will hold your passport, boarding pass, credit cards, there is a small pocket for loose change, there is even a space for a sim card, a hook for your keys and a pen holder.

Jet lag? A scary word, making travel experience, well let’s face it, sometimes a nightmare. If you haven’t read my article on How to Fight Jet Lag Effectively, please do so. I’ve listed some of my favorite methods that work quite well for me, hopefully for you as well. 

The Melatonin is naturally produced in the body, but sometimes we might be depleted of it. It is a supplement that helps promote healthy sleep cycles and helps you sleep deeper, enhancing the restorative powers of sleep so you can recover from that change of time quicker. 

This particular one is my favorite because it is Vegan, Gluten-free, non- GMO and CHEWABLE, especially useful for those of you folks who don’t do well with swallowing drugs. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so I cannot prescribe you this supplement. Also, this is not medicine that will magically replace your sleep, it is only supposed to help you enhance your sleep quality. 

As summer is still in full swing being at the beach and around water sounds like the most natural thing to do. But we are more connected than ever, can we bring our main cameras, our phones, with us to capture our summer adventures and still keep them working? 

The short answer is yes, this waterproof pouch from JOTO is a Phone Saver. The best part about is it fits all smartphones up to 6 inches, so you can trade it with a friend if they need it. 

It is certified to be waterproof up to 100 feet, being a scuba diver and knowing the pressure at a hundred feet, this is pretty impressive. It is effortless to use, stick the phone in and snap the lock at the top. 

Can’t get better summer protection for your phone!

Raise your hand if you have ever felt awful after a flight. Even on those short ones, we feel like taking a nap is the most natural thing to do until you try to sleep sitting upright. 

The weight of our head starts to fall to the side, hitting our neighbor then we can’t really relax to take the so needed nap. 

I was struggling with that problem myself for a while and tried a lot of neck pillows. Besides the fact that I lose one on every trip, they were always so uncomfortable. I found the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow on Amazon, and I thought, oh well, let’s give it a try. 

First thing I loved, is how small it folds, you can attach it to the handle on your carry on and never lose it. That was already a win for me. Easy inflation and deflation made it convenient to use even in a tighter economy class seat. Then you just hang it over your body like a messenger bag, rest your head and ready to take the so needed nap. 

It can be used literally anywhere- airplane, bus, train, great for camping too. It’s washable and fully adjustable. Say bye to a sore neck or lack of sleep.

Power on, power on. 

My prayers precisely, one late night in London. After arriving at the hotel and already in bed, I tried to plug in my phone to the outlet to charge and then I realized I forgot a travel adapter. 

Of course, it was too late to go and get anything that late, so I had to use my pre-charged power bank to charge my phone that night until I get an adapter on the next day. I knew I have to do something about my memory or better, something that will take care of the outlet usage in different countries for me.

I found what I call my charging jedai. This universal travel adapter will convert any outlet to any other outlet. If you are living in the UK and all your chargers are the 3 large pins, and you are traveling to the US where we have the 2 flat pins, this gadget will save the day. It will let you use your UK computer charger plugged to US outlet, and at the same time, you will be able to charge your phone and/ or tablet, power-bank since it has two 2.1A high power USB outlets.

It is also very safe, it has an integrated fuse that will blow if you the current is too strong for your device. It is also child proof, kids cannot touch the bare electric elements inside the adapter. You can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. 

The seller and producer stay 100% behind this product providing a full lifetime warranty which is really impressive and kind of rare nowadays. I love this product and will never leave my suitcase.

Music lover? Don’t leave it behind. With this little Bluetooth speaker from Amazon Basics, you can enjoy music anywhere. 

I recently took it on a mountain biking trip, clipped it on my backpack and paired with Spotify, it makes a powerful combination to push you through the hardest parts of the trail. Let’s face it, you won’t get Bose sound quality out of an 18 dollar speaker, but I have to say it is not bad at all. Considering the price is actually amazing. 

The thing that I love the most about it is its simplicity of design and operation. With one charge you can play up to 12 hours of music. This is pretty crazy, just clip it and play your favorite tunes!

That is it folks, our 8 favorite Travel Gear gadget or essentials that we use on every trip and really love. They make our life on the road much more comfortable and enjoyable because there is nothing like feeling at home on the road. 

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