Top 8 Pro Airfare Tips

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Top 8 Pro Airfare Booking Tips

For many reasons, booking a flight can be a daunting experience. And it is merely because nowadays the world wide web has transformed marketing into a lucrative way to maximize profit and eventually tear a hole in your pocket. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should be compliant with the system! I am indeed not, and I will strongly urge you not to be too. Our friends from Journo have put together an amazing guide to help us in our journey to saving money. See more info bellow.

Through knowledge and becoming a bit lucrative like those giants American Airlines or Emirates, for example, you can maybe get a few dollars off your otherwise overly expensive airfare and sing with happiness.

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Top 8 Pro Airfare Booking Tips

1. The 54-ish Day Rule

One of the best tips for domestic travels (within the US) can be complying with the so-called “54-day rule”. The CheapAir system analyzed over 1.3 BILLION fares and found that the cheapest time to buy flights is about 54 days before desired departure date. This is the peak of the Prime Booking Window, which will most likely get you the lowest prices to the destinations you are in love with.

This tip is most suitable for Domestic travels.

2. The Airline Double Check

If you find a reasonable price on one of the airfare comparison tools we provide, like Kayak, always be sure to do a quick search on the actual carrier’s site to see if they are offering it for less. Even if it’s the same price, it might be worth booking on the airline’s website because their cancellation policies are often much more straightforward to navigate and it’ll be easier to get refunded if needed.

Another perk is being able to enter your TSA number (if you have one) and your frequent travel mileage number, never forget to do that! Remember we love free flights! I mean… who doesnt?

This is a great tip for both International and Domestic airfares.

3. Best Days of the Week to fly Domestic

This is one of my favorite rules from the airfare booking Bible, and I use it all the time with great success, whenever my travel plan is flexible of course. You can usually find cheaper flights when you fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. The same goes if you book your flights with Alaska Airlines on Tuesday night for example.

4. Look for Guaranteed Low Prices

Many airlines, such as American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, and United guarantee their low prices. So if you buy a ticket through them, then find a cheaper flight elsewhere, they’ll compensate you the difference. Woohoo! And sometimes, if you’re lucky, they’ll toss in a travel voucher as well. One of our favorite partners Expedia does the same-  if you find a better price within 24 hours, they will match it. 

5. BEST TIP- Flexibility Beats it All!

If you don’t have a destination in mind, you are flexible with the dates and just want to get away- then we’ve got a really sweet (and fun!) pro tip for you: Use Skyscanner. You can either use their beautiful app or go online. Enter your departure city, departure date, and ‘Everywhere’ for a destination. Then click ’Search Flights’ and get ready to see what wonder travels they have to offer. 

6. Go “Private”

Some search engines, even more, airlines, and booking sites use “cookies” to track your search history and purposefully bump up the prices for flights you repeatedly check in order to scare you into buying or to simply make an extra few bucks. Most browsers support what is called a ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ window. This basically means that the browser will not allow cookies to be placed on your machine or keep a record of your searches. The feature is easily accessible in most browsers by clicking File > New Private/ Incognito Window. 

7. Window +/ or Aisle

When flying with a friend or your significant other, always pick a window and aisle seat (if it’s a three-seat row, but worked for me even on a 4 seat row) closer to the back (use SeatGuru to check the best seats). If the plane fills up, middle seats will start to fill from the front backward. If someone sits between you, then trade them and sit together as you would have anyway. This can get you a row to yourself pretty dang often. 

The strategy works excellent for yourself too. If you are flying 787, for example, Seattle- London, I would choose row 28 or 53 and get an aisle seat if there is no one in the middle 2 seats (its a 4 seater in the middle). I have been lucky twice, the seats didn’t fill up, and it was very comfortable. Had my own economy class suite.

8. International Affair

Unlike the ‘54-ish day rule,’ flying internationally has no general Booking Windows. Instead, use the international chart by CheapAir to discover which region is best booked in which time frame. Remember, the biggest savings you’ll find depending on when you book, not how or who with. 

Summing up

Getting the  “Guide toTravel Hacking Cheap Airfare” will give you an exclusive access to all the PRO tips such as international booking window as well as how to find the best low season deals or the best days of the week to book airfare like a PRO. 

The days of expensive airfare are finally over and we cannot be more excited to share this precious guide that our partners from Journo put together. Here you will find everything you need to face the battle for cheap airfare and actually win over the giants! 

Have fun reading the guide and don’t forget to shoot us a message and tell us about your experience and where did you go to! We would love to hear all about your adventures.

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