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London's Borough Market


London’s Borough market is one of my favorite places in London. Colorful for the eyes and especially energizing for the taste buds.

London's Borough Market

The market’s layout is very similar to that of Pike Place Market in Seattle. For example, both of them are well placed in the middle of their respective cities. While Pike’s is near the space needle and other such attractions, the Borough market is right in the hear of London, just minutes away from the London Bridge, Tate Modern, and Shakespeare’s globe- all of which I highly recommend to see if you ever visit London.

A Melting Pot of Good Food, Coffee, and Culture

Food Rules this Place

Food here is really the king! Different cuisines come together under one roof. There is even a VEGAN corner! How cool! 

Whether you want a casual burger or chicken tikka masala, they have it all. There is a vast selection of gourmet desserts and juices, wines and cheeses, and of course, plenty of preserves and meats. It is reasonably priced and god, it’s delicious.

We also have to mention the fresh produce. The strawberries were probably the best I’ve ever had. The fresh bread is a must try item too! There are so many musts here!

The market doesn’t open terribly early, usually causing it to be busiest around lunchtime, but it works out well.

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On the Other Hand- COFFEE is the Queen

One of my passions is coffee. It doesn’t take me much to recognize a legit place. For all of you coffee lovers, I recommend one of my favorite coffee shops at the entrance of the market: Monmouth Coffee Company.  

London's Borough Market
London's Borough Market

They have really high-quality beans, the staff is super friendly and helpful, and the prices are very reasonable. My favorite drinks are definitely the espresso or a traditional dry macchiato, not a Starbucks style one (with caramel and lots of milk). 

Just across the river, a short 10 to 15-minute walk will take you straight to one of London’s iconic places- The St. Paul Cathedral. The site is captivating, definitely walk there after lunch to settle your stomach and reward your eyes. 

London's St Paul

Photo by Kyle Myburgh on Unsplash

So if you have a lunch break, or visiting London, Borough market should definitely be on your list. Stop for a quick snack or do your groceries here. The quality is startling. 

I also suggest looking out for the bell in Middle Road. It was initially utilized as a bailiff of sorts to signal the start and end of a day’s trading. While no longer in use, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall sounded it to symbolize the re-opening of the market in 2013 after a period of redevelopment.

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