How to Find Inspiration for your Next Adventure.

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Travel Inspiration

It is not a secret that traveling does not come easy to everyone and it is indeed frightening for some. But aren’t there always things that don’t come naturally to us, right? Things that we are scared of? Today, the scope of focus is “Inspiration.” What is travel inspiration and how to find your next bucket list entry easily? Having doubts about leaving your comfort zone? Keep reading.

Encouraging and inspiring other people to travel, to get out there and see the world, to see nature, cultures, to see something different than where they live is something that we at Wonder Backpack hold very dear.

What is Inspiration and Why is it so Important?

“Of all the oceans, the Pacific is by far the largest, stretching almost a third of the way around the globe. It is so huge that the currents in the South Pacific take several years to complete just one cycle. Gentle giants are roaming the endless blue undisturbed….”

Huli People of Papua New Guinnea

If you read this, your imagination probably started working. Perhaps, you started imagining what it is to visit one of the atolls in the South Pacific. Or maybe, what are people like on those islands. Many, many questions arise from everything that we find fascinating and unknown.

Inspiration is that exciting, beautiful process that occurs in your brain which stimulates you to do or feel something. It comes in many different types and shapes. We can be inspired by nature, by ordinary people doing extraordinary things and their ability to be selfless, creative and innovative; by still objects too.

The most common type of inspiration is a stimulus to do something, even though I believe the second type stimulus to feel something is more powerful. IT is very simple- it is most likely to stick to something and actually do it despite all odds if the internal spark is there- our feelings.

More Inspiration! Where is Bulgaria?

Why is Inspiration Important for Traveling?

Ditch the Comfort of Home

Why would you get up from your couch or leave the comfort of your home if there is no internal desire to find, see or do something that you haven’t done or experienced before? There is no reason. We are intelligent pre-wired for success creatures. If there would not be a positive outcome or a “win” from our actions we usually are not willing to step out of our comfort circle.

But whether you voluntarily inspire yourself or involuntarily, now a fire within is set. The wheels in our brains start spinning faster and faster and play scenario after scenario of what it would be like to go there and do this. To do what you have not even though you can do is why you need inspiration. We need that extra shot of reason to plunge into a new adventure. There is just so much to see and do everywhere.

A Whole New World

Documentaries about the Oceans and deep-sea expeditions were that extra reason my simple human being needed. Although we are rarely exposed to those environments unless you are living on an island or coming from fisherman family perhaps, I knew I wanted to see the Ocean for myself.

The first breath underwater is a feeling that is really hard to describe. Exhilaration rushes through your veins into your brain and whole body. Right in front of the goggles, there is a planet within the planet. Ancient formations, huge and small living, breathing matter. You are in a capsule, just you and the water around. Those moments of silence can be the loudest of all.

First Diving Bucket Entry

That was it. A travel inspiration supplying more and more ideas for adventures. It all this was beyond imagination, it was, it is a reality. A quick research gave me my first diving bucket list entry: Dive in Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula and in particular Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. They offer some of the best underwater adventures in the World. You can do many different types of diving there, and the coral reefs are bustling with life, and also they are one of the few healthy ones left. 

Me Diving in Cozumel. Dive #43 after being certified for 4 months only.

Everyone’s reaction was that something is wrong with me for putting myself in great danger with all hazards. And, I don’t blame them, I was in the same boat. But then, inspiration is what gets you going and prove everyone wrong, even better inspire them. Yes, you have to be careful, it is dangerous but entirely worth it. Wanting to put myself through this was a challenge. But inspiration and motivation worked together to allow the most beautiful scenes to be played right in front of me.

Did you already feel interested in exploring the oceans that we know so little about but they are the biggest matter around us?

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So How Do We Find Inspiration?

Inspiration is not something that we find easily. We can’t buy it from the shelves of the grocery stores, it is not tangible. So how do we find our travel inspiration?  Below are some of my favorite methods of finding inspiration that almost never failed and always delivered food to my brain.

1. Audiobooks/ Books

Audiobooks is a game changer. If you feel like you don’t have time to read books. You are wrong, better efficiency is needed.  Instead of listening to some trendy pop hits on your morning commute to work, put on Audible. It is an audiobook subscription app by Amazon. For $14.99 a month you get one credit that will get you any book. The app keeps the books in the library for as long as you want, and you can listen to them offline too. My commute is about 30 min a day, this can get me through a long chapter or maybe two in one day!

This is one of my favorite travel inspiration audiobooks! It tells the story of an ancient civilization far more advanced that we could ever imagined.

If you are a visual learner, make you sure that you get a regular book, preferably with a lot of illustrations. They can spark your wild imagination!

One of my favorite Diving inspiration books is the Dive Atlas! I received it as a gift, and I thoroughly enjoy it. It covers diving places all over the world and provides excellent insights on all the dive spots plus a lot of beautiful inspirational images! Nat Geo’s Destinations of a Lifetime is also a resourceful bucket list expert.

2. National Geographic

There are a lot of channels through which inspiration can flow into you. Perhaps you are a visual learner. Turn on Nat Geo! You will be left speechless and deeply inspired by some of the footage you will see. Some of the photographers and videographers working for National Geographic are true artists. They can create such footage that will become a stamp in your brain, making you quickly want to see and experience it in person.

3. Photography

When referring to photography, there are two aspects- the actual art of picture taking and admiring the work of others.  They can both be of significant influence and serve as a travel inspiration making your next bucket list entry easy to pinpoint. 

One of my favorite resources to discover beautiful images and motivation for traveling and learning more about the art of photography is Unsplash. It is a stock photography website home to some of the most beautiful travel photography from all over the web.

4. Our Blog and Destinations Page

We are striving to create a library full of exciting guides that you can all access from anywhere at any time. Find your next bucket list entry and make it a piece of cake. Envision yourself in Japan or even Bulgaria before you get there. Get hungry. Become a local not a tourist. Live and create memories that will last with you forever.

Click on Japan 😉
Full Map Placeholder
Full Map

Now your brain is going crazy, orchestrating spectacles of vibrant colors and form in your head. “What if I fly to Bali, explore the jungle and take the ferry to Gili Islands for a diving weekend OR a short flight to Bangkok to get a glimpse of the local culture?” Whatever it is don’t leave it in your brain, execute.

Putting Inspiration to Work.

As long as the spark is alive, this part is relatively easy. In the process, of course, we might find some difficulties. The place you envision is little known and hard to get? Be a pioneer, an explorer. Go discover and write about it. Be that spark for someone else who needs it. Stumble and fall but get up.  In fact, there is an interesting story behind the previous “stumble and fall but…” sentence.

One the second day of our Iceland adventures and one of my friends slipped on an ice patch, fell and broke her wrist. We took her to the hospital, the doctors took care of it. She was in a lot of pain, but she did not complain for a moment and never thought of leaving early and not finish her journey. Her quest was seeing Aurora. Even though we weren’t that lucky and with a broken wrist, she talks about the trip to this day as one of the most remarkable in her life.


Lesson learned! Use those:

Honestly, I believe that anything is possible. You can go anywhere in the World if you are motivated. There are going to be obstacles. Again, remember the inspiration spark, that is all you need to make things work.

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