Best Ways to Save Money For a Trip

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Save Money for Travel

Saving money for a trip is not much different than saving for a new computer for example. Whether having to stay on top of the tech gear game or visiting a beautiful destination is what you value more, your drive to save money will determine your success. 

This drive is what I believe to be the dedication factor, what can you sacrifice to achieve your goals. Or if we put it in other words, would you give up your daily Starbucks for a month to put $150 towards your travel plans for the summer. Yes, this is how much a person spends on average a month at Starbucks. Ludicrous in my opinion. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I love coffee, more so, good coffee. 

My co-workers and I remedied that problem by getting a semi-professional espresso machine for the office. In just two short months we were able to pay off the initial investment in purchasing the machine, and we were enjoying excellent espresso shots, pulled to perfection every-time. Cant beat that!

Save Money Without Even Thinking About it

One of my most favorite helpers when it comes to saving money. This little but powerful app would save money for you without you even noticing. To get started, you need to register and connect your favorite credit cards, that you use daily, to your account. From then on, you can to set up a recurring investment, mine is $5 a week. 

By far, the coolest feature of the app is roundups. Pay your electricity bill with a connected card, let’s say it was $45.12. The app will round it up to the dollar and invest those $0.88 in your account. You can also choose to multiply the roundups X2, X3, X10. It is mighty, without thinking about it you will end up with a great savings platform. I have been using it for 4 months, and I have my roundups multiplier set to 2, today I’m looking at $500.12, a free ticket to the Caribbean. How sweet! 

Savings Account

Similar to Acorns, a savings account is the traditional way to go. Most banks will allow you to set up an auto investment- let’s say $5 a week, or per month. It is still a great way to go; however, I like Acorns better because it offers that, plus the roundups option and much more. If you are not wanting the idea of linking your credit cards to an app, even though it is very safe, the savings account might be an excellent option for you.

P.S. Good advice here will be to lock your savings account until a specific date, that way it will help your temptations to empty it before you reach your goal. We know how good it feels to spend some bucks. 

Piggy Bank for Saving Money for Travel

Piggy Bank

As funny as it sounds, it is working great! I am a somewhat a tech person and liking apps better but… when I pay with cash and get change, what do I do with it? Piggy bank in my car has saved me from the dangling noise of loose change in my pockets. When its full, run to the bank and exchange for paper. Mm devine money. 

Coupons, coupons

In the world of internet domination, more and more markets are moving to selling goods online. And so are we. Finding coupons, or discounts on purchases made online is extremely easy. I don’t remember the last time I haven’t used a coupon or some kind of promotion. 

You just have to remember to check before you make the purchase. Just google what you need followed by the word coupon, you will be surprised how many of them are available. Another great app that can help you manage the coupons is called Honey. It is a browser plug-in that searches for coupons and applies them automatically at check out. How neat! 

You know what to do next right?- take the discount amount and invest/ put it towards your savings account.

The Taboo Section

I decided to call it the taboo section because nobody likes to talk about it. It always sparks endless discussion about how pleasure has no price and how it is difficult to fight your daily habits. Well, it is not! The question is how dedicated are you?

Cut back on STARBUCKS

Sorry guys, I know this will hurt you. Sorry to my fellow Seattleites too, I would love to support the business but… $5 cup of coffee that tastes terrible (for a coffee snob) is just not fitting my travel saving plan. Do you want to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee in Costa Rica, one of the coffee meccas? Then cut back or abandon Starbucks or any other brand completely. We never notice these $5s and $10s going out of our accounts, but they do add up. I promise it will be well worth it.

Save Money from Starbucks

Eat out less or not at all.

I was deliberating whether I should include this one since I rarely eat out for health reasons, but it is a big money funnel now that I think about it. Not only a meal can be costly with all the tips and service charges added, but you also have no idea what goes into your body unless is noted explicitly as certified organic, but that only create a higher price tag. 

Yes, there is the social effect of it, but hey, why don’t you host a dinner at home and invite your friends over, I am sure it will be cheaper to cook for all your friends than your dinner bill at a local restaurant. You can also ask your friends to bring a meal so everyone is involved and it is a lot of fun too!

Kill Comcast, Use Netflix

Kill Comcast or Others Alike

You will be happily surprised how your savings boost once you kill this monster that does you no good anyway. What’s the last time you actually sat and watched Saturday night live? That’s what I thought! Kill it before its too late. A hefty $40-$50 dollar bill is not worth it. 

All you need is the $11 a month Netflix subscription! So much better than Cable TV and honestly, would you adjust your schedule to watch a tv show or you much rather watch something when YOU have free time. Yep, kill it!

Reduce Your Utility Bills

Okay, this one pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone but, hey, humans are known to evolve quite well. Remember where we came from? Exactly my point! So next time you are a bit chilly, don’t touch the thermostat, put a sweater on! Really depends on where you live, but I believe its quite manageable. You will also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint! Such a good win-win, take advantage of it!

Got a Bike? USE IT!

Really a no-brainer. Reducing your carbon footprint on the planet should be your number one concern and then saving time and money spent at the gas station. Use your car as little as possible. If you have a rather short commute to and from work and live in a favorable weather city, ditch the car, use your bike- healthier for you, the planet and your pocket.

Have You Ever Struggled with . Airfare?

Now, you can learn how to always book cheap! This is our favorite Airfare Booking Bible! Costs only $7 but it will save you tons more!

Travel Hacking Cheap Flights 600
The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking

Save Money by Working Extra


If you got some spare hours from your regular job, and have nothing fun/ relaxing planned, why not hop in and make your car work for you. You will also get to know some people, and if you love driving like me, it might actually be fun. No matter how much you drive, even an hour can be more helpful than spending it on the couch. 


Another no-brainer. If you are good at something and can help someone benefit from your knowledge- share it! It’s a great way to earn few extra bucks but also a fantastic way to enrich someone’s life. Just passing your experience on to someone is powerful on its own.

Final Thoughts

Saving money is by no means easy. However, I believe that if you are reading this, you love to travel. Envisioning yourself surrounded by palm trees and coffee plantations in the forests of Latin America or perhaps, the icy carpets covering the slopes of Iceland, could really fuel your inspiration and dedication to save money and visit those beautiful places. In the end, only experiences matter, and they are priceless.

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