Tell us if this sounds familiar?

1. Destination in mind

Do you have a beautiful destination in mind already? Us too, and we can't wait to embark on our journey. But for now, we are starting to put the puzzle of trip planning together.

2. Departure Date

The first few pieces of the puzzle are realated to travel dates. Perhaps by now, you have your tentative dates picked out and ready to move onto the next step of the journey- booking airfare.

3. Price Is Still not Right

After countless hours spent on the computer, running a search after search and switching between different scenarios, you still have not seen the price that seems right for you? You feel exhausted and you leave it for later.

4. Confusion

You try again and still don’t like what you’re seeing, take some mental notes on prices and the booking websites you found them on. Now the overwhelming confusion is now creeping in. Would I be able to get to my destination without tearing a hole in my pocket?

5. Buyer's Remorse

If you’re like the average American, this stressful process spanned about 12 DAYS! Now its really time to act and you book, completely unsatisfied and perhaps with buyers remorse with the price you got.

IF Yes– we are together on the Quest to Beat the System, and start booking cheap.
Lets learn how to make it happen!

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