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Hi there, I am Atanas Malamov, and I am the Editor and Founder of Wonder Backpack, a meeting point for lifestyle enthusiasts to learn and create an all-around conversation about Travel, Adventure, and Culture.

We are online because we want to inspire you and help you take on the journey, you have always wanted to make.



Being a Professional Dancer, travel is something that becomes a Lifestyle. In the beginning, my traveling was only limited to the dance competitions I was going to. From the airport to the hotel to the ballroom and back. I had visited a lot of exciting cities. 

Once I was sitting on the airplane going back home, and I was thinking about what did I experience on this trip? There were just not a lot of things I could picture beside my experience at the ballroom. I knew nothing about the city or the country, and I felt terrible. The World has a lot to offer, and I wanted to experience it.



I truly loved getting lost in a new location. To experience other people’s culture, food and heritage was really captivating. And not just that, I also realized that I really enjoy the process of researching and preparing for my trips. 

Everything from making plans with friends, deciding on our itinerary, booking the airfare and hotel. All of that was fun. I love photography and scuba diving. They just added another layer to my travel experiences. Furthermore, it allowed me to capture a moment in time on the surface as well as underwater. There is just so much that we haven’t experienced yet.

And then, I imagined what if I can share what I saw and how I did it with my friends, family and all of you guys and inspire you to go and see it for yourself, capture your own experiences.

That is how Wonder Backpack came to life. I really hope you guys are enjoying the content. I put the blog together, hoping that it will help you in your travel adventures. Stay with me as I explore new horizons.

If you want to get in touch, just shoot me a message here.